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im gonna put stuff that happened on gamejolt here

first i wanna say about how apparently femboys are oversexualized and transphobic just because of certain people.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1158743358764744775/1171112884768604240/image.png?ex=655b7edd&is=654909dd&hm=181b8eb7efe0733c968fe51efae8b5d090401a08c3679f35c42357451255436b&=&width=755&height=607 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1158743358764744775/1171112764371120168/27834699-qdddr8m5-v4.png?ex=655b7ec1&is=654909c1&hm=7e971e2102d0878fce35614e8a8e6f5f193ce7185987a5f874e78121935be29c&=&width=625&height=505 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1158743358764744775/1171112764626960415/image.png?ex=655b7ec1&is=654909c1&hm=297ef986e79bb8c0e22f6bd9ef9ec3b10439d8d413473c0444e8f59463e4b355&=&width=1135&height=331

(i havent censored their names, so if you wanna see these images do not search for these people and do not try to harass them, i am not trying to be like them)

the third image is the person getting attacked.

this is actually fucking stupid, gamejolt has actually become a place of disaster after the munkel drama only because munkel did some offensive shit

and the woke children of gamejolt, the keyboard warriors always harass and attack people JUST because they disagree with something, but to escape the drama they create, they talk about how this isnt hate speech.

what the fuckity fuck

now neither do these people know the defenition of a femboy nor do they know the use of it

they just look at the newest news about whats deemed offensive, even if its a good, and even fucking prehistoric word

they also come in many groups

theres a part of gamejolt with this

i just call them silly kids

its over 25-30 gamejolt users that are all friends and search around to find anybody they can harass, and call it a day.

i kid you not, these people also make alot of alternative accounts so when they get banned they use the other one.


there was an arguement, with me involved.

Basically i asked that person to give me the source to the meaning of femboy and roseboy, not porn.

Also i am a minor myself so this is hillarious

and also as a femboy myself i dont want to be called a fucking roseboy

quick explenation if you dont want to see the images :

my friend asked if femboy just means feminine boy (which does, the meaning CHANGED from that to feminine BOY.)

yet this other person insisted on it being transphobic

so i stepped in and asked the source for the real MEANING of femboy, which could be easily resolved just by finding it on wikipedia or somewhere else.

yet this other person was like "you are asking a minor for trans porn!!" i am also a minor and i do not wanna see porn either

kolby gets pissed and tried to debunk it

and i was just explaining to the other person because obviously the tiktok buttons made them braindead on how i want the MEANING, like a wikipedia source, NOT THAT.

so that was the whole arguement.

right after that, the same person who argued with me and kolby posted an out of context screenshot of me apparently asking for trans porn when i didnt even do it, and blocked me so i dont send the screenshots and shit on their comments to prove them wrong.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214795689697320/image.png?ex=655bddc7&is=654968c7&hm=551a00960d6ab87dc1b9c22c257c40da0178f4833f2eabdd8efefde6bc8b29af&=&width=513&height=607 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214795962339530/image.png?ex=655bddc7&is=654968c7&hm=5bd38363f26a194cee66511f6fdd7b19f8d427dbb7a68dc74f0b78e98c179f6f&=&width=521&height=607 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214796197200042/image.png?ex=655bddc7&is=654968c7&hm=75dba43e3444b66ee26e77436a4b07bb343e08293460ef3bff1f6b98b5fb0d76&=&width=516&height=607 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214796402729071/image.png?ex=655bddc7&is=654968c7&hm=ca5e42146c3e79b741c4eecd8e85e33465c4dddbee2dc9e2fae3bc2e8ccd0dce&=&width=670&height=607 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214796616650812/image.png?ex=655bddc7&is=654968c7&hm=172e7f31c2c5f966650a2f8defa2d94e61f41c77371c294dd5dfcfba54f7a5b3&=&width=685&height=607

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171214855546617877/image.png?ex=655bddd5&is=654968d5&hm=f0e4be97a8e422f294ca0e6262032782b7e3f2400bf2d027def2ed0dc1a02c53&=&width=626&height=180 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171215281507541052/image.png?ex=655bde3b&is=6549693b&hm=fdbb4573f3545388bf12c74ad5bfa6e9aabd627ca915aa430757d887d0d9bb11&=&width=710&height=447 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171215667287035935/image.png?ex=655bde97&is=65496997&hm=2edcb6809c57e6b2f0af1b021d6ca9443d88170077c933a5c69ad7a544a3fe54&=&width=715&height=291 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171216247753539614/image.png?ex=655bdf21&is=65496a21&hm=02864d27c59c21ff32bccb6e23aa65317e360e4c7f0fb04656608a71d9f5b98d&=&width=916&height=451 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1159123986798608435/1171216670229016667/image.png?ex=655bdf86&is=65496a86&hm=a9e6cfa433de66564e3e6644701fdcd379decb612961700a48725564e74abf5c&=&width=878&height=333

in my opinion this whole arguement couldve been easily avoided if that person didnt harass the original poster and the person who said they were a femboy in someones damn shouts goddamnit

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