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butters sex


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ok first the darkness can now go to other cartoons, like adult shows or live action stuff.

since that happens, cleveland is the first victim.

his bathtub gets corrupted ( because, JESUS CHRIST, see family guy and then ask me ) and when he wants to take a shower, he gets corrupted. After getting corrupted, the only victims are his family members. So, he corrupts his family, and then goes to corrupt more people. his victims are the griffins.

he goes inside the griffins house, and corrupts peter.

peter being this guy he is. he corrupts lois and meg. after corrupting them he corrupts chris. and then makes them all go inside his body.

boyfriend comes to the family guy universe, and he finds brian and stewie injured, so offers help.

after they go downstairs. they find peter corrupted.

boyfriend thought of rap battling with peter could save him. but ohh.. no.. hes everyone. not only peter.

after getting mad enough. he opens himself, and reveals the glitched versions of megatron, chris, and lois. they end the battle after some time. and thats the end, right..?


after the events of the griffins, boyfriend is possibly hurt, so stewie and brian have to defend. however, brian gets corrupted by the darkness.

stewie, seeing his best friend corrupted. hes probably traumatized. he gives up, but then thinks about what boyfriend would do, and rap battles brian.

however, in the middle of the song. peter gets uncorrupted and tries to defend stewie.

but, lois tries to manipulate peter into becoming corrupted again.

but, peter does not listen to lois. and then the song ends.

quagmire, joe and cleveland ( since cleveland gets uncorrupted ) go to save anyone alive.

they go to the griffins, since cleveland does not remember what he has done.

after seeing that there are some alive people, they go to save them.

peter gets shit scared ( probably ) and runs away. his hiding spot is the drunken clam.

quagmire grabs stewie and joe grabs boyfriend.

joe, cleveland, quagmire, stewie and bf all go to the drunken clam to hide, but find peter.

since they have a good hiding spot, they cant get corrupted, or can they? it could be possible that the darkness is inside the drunken clam, and nobody survives except quagmire..

this is where the morse code dialogue starts.

i think, that peter is talking, since in the video, the image being shown is peter.

stewie was unconsious...


( there is a new song thats not out yet so uhm ill explain it in another post )

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gamejolts in fucking drama and gio is currently sending fans to harass me and my friend so ill be staying here from now on

if you wanna know more then read this : https://gamejolt.com/p/this-is-a-very-important-post-gamejolt-was-slow-so-i-couldn-t-post-dvxearfd made by bella everyoens beloved


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gamejolt is fucking dead

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Shawty's like a melody in my dick

That I can't keep cummin, got spilling like​

uhn-uhn-uhn-uhn, everyday

It's like my iPod stuck up my ass, buttfuck-ay-ay-ay

Shawty's like a melody in my dick

That I can't keep cummin, got me singing like (aye)

uhn-uhn-uhn-uhn, everyday

It's like my dick got stuck on her ass (J-J-J-JR), replay

Remember the first time we met?

You was at the mall with your friend

I was scared to approach ya, but then you came closer

and shoved your dick up my ass

Who would have ever knew

my cum would make a volcano

We're real worldwide, breaking all the rules

She like a song played again and again

(That girl) like something off a poster

(That girl) is a dime they say

(That girl) cummed on me and spit on my dick

And she's running through my mind all day, aye


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i made nsfw of my oc now im going to hell 🤗